Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Unsatisfied Tint Job On My Car

Since 2000, our family has had all our vehicles tinted by Paul Shultz (owner) at auto car window film tinting tools and never encountered any issue with the tinting performed. Always professional, clean, on point and courteous. Unfortunately, Paul is out of town due to a death in his wife's family and a slim Hispanic male manager was left to run the business and an installer by the named Chris. I recently purchased a 2016 Lexus GX460.  On May 19, 2016, I took the vehicle to be tinted. Chris performed the tinting of my vehicle. I waited about 2 1/5 hours. Upon the SUV being returned, I noticed areas with what appeared to be lint or dirt between film and glass, but the manager assured me it was water and in 3 or 4 days it would disappear and if not to bring it back. I followed all instructions: not lowering the windows (locks taped), not cleaning the windows and park SUV in the sun for the water to dry. Today, May 26, 2016, I inspected the windows again to find not only poorly cut film and shoddy installation, but what was said to be water was actually lint/dirt between film and glass. It certainly did not merit the $428.00 that I was charged. There were numerous defects and scratches on the tints and dirt between the tint and the glass as if the windows had not been cleaned prior to installation. The door jam and carpet were left with dirty shoe markings on the driver's side and scratches, which I had to clean and have buffed out. Today, May 25th (6 days) later,  I returned to have the job done properly, but the manager wanted to tell me that some of the defects were normal and pointed out that I seemed upset. he had no listening skills whatsoever. There were 7 window tints defective out of 10. They initially changed only two. His excuse for the remaIning windows was that my vehicle has electronics that could be damaged by replacing the tints. Upon inspecting the vehicle before leaving, I noticed that an approx 1.5" scratch on the top corner of the rear window tint had not been fixed, so the manager who appeared upset reluctantly took my vehicle back into the shop to have it replaced. He went looking for Chris, who once again was inside of his own car. The vehicle was taken back into the shop a 3rd time because of all of the lint between the tint and driver window Tint Tools, which I had also pointed out and had not been corrected. Now that window would be fixed too. Why couldn't they be taken care of it the 1st time around without all this in/out and wasting my time (4 hrs). Hugo, who has been working there for many years ended up fixing that window. However, my front window nor my passenger windows were repaired. I am leaving the establishment without receiving the service I paid for. The manager's only concern was to rush me out so that I wouldn't see what had not been repaired/replaced. Before leaving, I told him that had it been his vehicle, wasted timed and money, he would have been upset. I asked when would Paul return and initially it seemed as if he ignored my question. I asked a 2nd time and he replied that he was not sure but probably in a month or so. So, I am left to write this review because I am totally dissatisfied with the poor workmanship, the la k of professionalism and the poor customer service. The manager's position was to correct the shoddy job and address his staff instead of having an attitude with the customer, who paid for a service which was not provided properly. Because our family has always held Paul, the owner, to a higher standard, respected him as a professional throughout the last 15 years, and recommended his shop, I will make sure to advise him of this review to yellow turbo squeegee. However, at this point and time and with the current crew at auto car window film tinting tools, I DO NOT RECOMMEND you take your vehicle there. Or at the very least call first 305-324-0753 to ensure Paul or his wife are there and if you do go there make sure Hugo does your job. Inspect it before you leave and write every concern on their copy of the receipt.After submitting this review, I conducted some research and have learned that "Ariel" is in fact a co-owner. So folks I will NOT ever recommend this establishment again. Because as a co-owner he should have handled the situation and known that customer service is imperative to all successful businesses .

Monday, December 21, 2015

White Felt Squeegee Automotive Vinyl Wrapping Tool

The White Felt Squeegee is designed for flat or lightly curved surfaces for medium and low pressure applications of vinyl wrapping. It is the best vinyl wrapping tool for highly contoured areas where the hard card squeegees don’t conform. The White Felt Squeegee should not be used for the entire application because it doesn’t allow for enough pressure on the vinyl like chrome vinyl and inkjet graphics. Or flaws and bubbles will appear a day or so after the application.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Green Silicone Blade Handle Squeegee Window Film Tool

The Green Silicone Blade Handle Squeegee is a perfect tint tool for bubbles and water removals while applying car window film. Making with plastic handle, the Squeegee is easy to grip and control. The soft and smooth edge of the Silicone Blade gives car window film and vinyl more protection while tinting and wrapping. It is still a best application tool for cleaning up during the whole tinting.

Friday, October 23, 2015

18.8" Yellow Turbo Squeegee Window film and Paint Protection Installation Tool

This is a 480mm long squeegee with small tube handle used for construction film.Economy size squeegee usually cut to shorter lengths before use.Used for removal of application solution during the installation process. It has been used for many years and is an industry favorite.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Car Window Films: Metalized vs Non-metalized

There are many different kinds of films with various materials. Here we can conclude to two mainly: All-metal film and Non-metalized film.

What is the difference between these two films?

All-metal film is a kind of film that is made of metal. With a metal deposited to one side of polyester, the all-metal tint is laminated over a clear layer on the surface. It is a best way to protect the metal. While on the opposite side, the film is added with a scratch coat glued to the other. Covered with a liner, now you have the metallized film.

You an also find all-metal film in dye metal combination. Instead of the clear metallied layer of polyester, this kind of all-metal film is laminated over a dyed one. It can help tone down reflectivity and add color for that sweet 'smoked' glass look.

Though reflective or mirrored and shielding signals like GPS, all-metal films have the highest heat rejection and the longest life expectancy.

As a strictly color-dyed polyester, non-metal film carries the worst solar performance values. But it is the cheapest to buy in many cases. With economy the way it is, Non-metallized film are in demand.

There is also a new kind of film called ceramic film. It uses ceramic in nano-particle coatings of various types and qualities as a replacement to metals.

They come in all ceramic or dyed/ceramic combination. These give you as great or greater solar performance over all others except for a few of the all-metal films.

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Does Your Vehicle's Window Tinting Violate Your State's Laws?

Measurements like "light transmittance" and "luminous reflectance" can be hard and confused to understand, let alone calculate with any level of confidence. So how do you know your car window tinting is in compliance with your state's window tint laws?

Usually, a government inspector or a private licensed professional can inspect your car. They most likely use a photometer which is a light transmission-measuring device to determine if your auto's safety glass violates the "light transmittance" or "luminous reflectance" standards of your state's window tint law or not.

Just contact your state's department of motor vehicles (DMV) office if you want to learn where you can have your car window tinting inspected. Remember that even though your car safety glass currently meets your state's window tint laws, it could change if you move to another state.

Many state vehicle window tinting laws contain exemptions for drivers or frequent passengers with a valid medical or vision-related condition that requires the limitation of exposure to sunlight. Examples of medical conditions that may qualify under these exemptions are Lupus, Sunlight allergy, Photosensitivity and Melanoma.

Typically, if a vehicle is stopped for a window tint-related traffic violation, in order to qualify for the medical exemption and avoid a citation, the affected driver or passenger must present the law enforcement officer with documentation that:

Identifies the medical necessity (this can be a prescription or detailed letter from a medical professional);

States the specific amount of sunlight exposure (i.e. minimum percentage of light transmittance reduction) that will satisfy the medical needs of the affected driver or passenger;

Contains a prescription expiration date or permit duration;

Identifies the specific vehicle(s) to which the "medical necessity" window tint exemption applies.

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