Monday, September 14, 2015

Car Window Films: Metalized vs Non-metalized

There are many different kinds of films with various materials. Here we can conclude to two mainly: All-metal film and Non-metalized film.

What is the difference between these two films?

All-metal film is a kind of film that is made of metal. With a metal deposited to one side of polyester, the all-metal tint is laminated over a clear layer on the surface. It is a best way to protect the metal. While on the opposite side, the film is added with a scratch coat glued to the other. Covered with a liner, now you have the metallized film.

You an also find all-metal film in dye metal combination. Instead of the clear metallied layer of polyester, this kind of all-metal film is laminated over a dyed one. It can help tone down reflectivity and add color for that sweet 'smoked' glass look.

Though reflective or mirrored and shielding signals like GPS, all-metal films have the highest heat rejection and the longest life expectancy.

As a strictly color-dyed polyester, non-metal film carries the worst solar performance values. But it is the cheapest to buy in many cases. With economy the way it is, Non-metallized film are in demand.

There is also a new kind of film called ceramic film. It uses ceramic in nano-particle coatings of various types and qualities as a replacement to metals.

They come in all ceramic or dyed/ceramic combination. These give you as great or greater solar performance over all others except for a few of the all-metal films.

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