Sunday, September 6, 2015

Does Your Vehicle's Window Tinting Violate Your State's Laws?

Measurements like "light transmittance" and "luminous reflectance" can be hard and confused to understand, let alone calculate with any level of confidence. So how do you know your car window tinting is in compliance with your state's window tint laws?

Usually, a government inspector or a private licensed professional can inspect your car. They most likely use a photometer which is a light transmission-measuring device to determine if your auto's safety glass violates the "light transmittance" or "luminous reflectance" standards of your state's window tint law or not.

Just contact your state's department of motor vehicles (DMV) office if you want to learn where you can have your car window tinting inspected. Remember that even though your car safety glass currently meets your state's window tint laws, it could change if you move to another state.

Many state vehicle window tinting laws contain exemptions for drivers or frequent passengers with a valid medical or vision-related condition that requires the limitation of exposure to sunlight. Examples of medical conditions that may qualify under these exemptions are Lupus, Sunlight allergy, Photosensitivity and Melanoma.

Typically, if a vehicle is stopped for a window tint-related traffic violation, in order to qualify for the medical exemption and avoid a citation, the affected driver or passenger must present the law enforcement officer with documentation that:

Identifies the medical necessity (this can be a prescription or detailed letter from a medical professional);

States the specific amount of sunlight exposure (i.e. minimum percentage of light transmittance reduction) that will satisfy the medical needs of the affected driver or passenger;

Contains a prescription expiration date or permit duration;

Identifies the specific vehicle(s) to which the "medical necessity" window tint exemption applies.

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